Abusua Group

Abusua Health Centre is Open 24/7 for the Busunya Community's Needs

The OPD serves as the entry route to accessing most of our services. At the OPD, our cherished clients are welcomed and taken through a triage system and their vitals checked.

We deploy state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment with highly trained and skillful professionals to take care of your medical investigations and imaging needs.

We pride ourselves of collaborative teamwork to providing the highest standard of pharmaceutical management of our cherished clients.

About Abusua Community medical Centre

The Abusua Community Medical Centre is a USADF funded community clinic located in the Nkoranza North District of Ghana. It was borne out from the Mediscope Diagnostic and Health Services following the winning of grant award by the cofounders. This award enables entrepreneurs to expand primary healthcare and to solve some of the pressing community challenges such as the gaps in maternal and neonatal care outcomes, the growing threat of infectious diseases, and neglected tropical diseases such as Buruli ulcer and yaws among others.

Help Improve Healthcare Access at Busunya

Help finance expansion efforts geared at providing essential primary healthcare services to several communities in Busunya in the Nkoranza North District of Ghana lead by Dr. Joel Duah Afi