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The OPD serves at the entry route to accessing most of our services. At the OPD, our cherished clients are welcomed, and taken through a triage system and vitals checked. This enables the sorting out of emergency and life threatening cases for the necessary action to be taken. Clients are then registered into our electronic health records and directed to the necessary department for consultation.

We deploy state of the art diagnostic equipments with highly trained and skilful professionals to take care of your medical investigations and imaging needs.

We pride ourselves of collaborative teamwork to providing the highest standard of pharmaceutical management of our cherished clients.

Our direct responsibilities include:

  • Dispensing of over the counter and prescriptions medications to patients
  • Providing medication information and counselling
  • Preparations of extemporaneous medications and galenicals
  • Verify doses and ensure correct labelling and supply of medicines
  • Community outreach and public drug safety

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