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Amma Nayrkoh

Amma Nayrkoh is a young dynamic nurse who holds a Diploma in General nursing with over 5 years of working experience.  She is the co-founder of Abusua Community Medical Centre where she serves as the head of Nursing. She is a self-motivated, disciplined, and confident woman with good teamwork and communication skills. She always strived to perform her duties with due diligence and care, conscious of her primary obligation of offering the best of customer service to the patients and ensuring safe practice on the job.
She considers nursing as such a diverse, challenging, and worthwhile career that she really feels it is the right job for her. To her, it is a vocation for people who are practical, conscientious, and reliable and who find it easy quickly to establish good, trusting relationships with new people. She has these skills and a genuine desire to help people when they need it most. She believes the role of the nurse is changing in the healthcare delivery, with more opportunities for nurses to take greater responsibility for patient care and to become specialists in delivering high quality and standard care to the patients.  She hopes to take charge of these opportunities to better serve her community and patients in the discharge of her duties.
Aside her nursing skills, she has keen interest in women development and through her organization The Bright Spot Academy, which provides vocational and technical training to young women and girls, people with disability and the application of art in nursing, she has provided sustainable life skills to several hundreds of women who now are gainfully self-employed and providing for their families.